Machine programmers and operators know that valuable production time is lost due to unnecessarily long repositioning motions between cutting paths, unexpected collisions and over‐travel. The solution is ICAM software which embeds simulations into the post processing phase, identifying the optimal tool path and automatically applying the results. The program can also be transferred between different five‐axis CNC machines and setups.

Here are 5 key reasons why this technology will save you time and money!

1. Program faster – use ICAM software to become up to 40% FASTER
ICAM software identifies inefficient and unsafe positioning motions and replaces them with minimized collision free safe motions based on the actual machine tool kinematics, physical travel limits, axes positioning rates and the dynamically changing state of the in‐process stock. Ultimately, reducing CAM programming time and fixture design time.

2. Shorten cycle time – use ICAM software to SHORTEN your cycle time by up to 40%
ICAM software reduces manufacturing cycle time by eliminating the process of trial and error to adjust and verify multi‐axis positioning motions in the CAM environment and minimising the unproductive time of the positioning operation.
3. Enhance your part quality – use ICAM software to reduce tool marks
ICAM software uses machine kinematics and volumetric calculations to enable the postprocessor to establish whether potential high speed and high feed collision events will happen, and then changes the feeds and speeds to suite. Dwell marks and ‘heavy touch on’ events are reduced without the need for re‐programming.
4. Improve your tool life
ICAM software relies on reference cut information to perform material removal rate (MRR) based feed optimisation. A reference cut defines the depth, width feed and speed of a successful cut, which the software then uses to determine the feed and optionally speed to use for the feed motions present in the NC program. This process ultimately improves overall productivity by extending tool life, enhancing finish quality and
optimising cutting forces and power consumption.
5. Improve your ability to change target machine
ICAM technology makes it possible to quickly and easily move a part program from one CNC machine with specific machine kinematics to another with completely different kinematics. This can be done at the shop floor as scheduling needs and CNC availability dictates.

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