Actionable Information from NMS 3D UK

NMS offers a comprehensive suite of Automated Measuring Systems and Metrology Services for the UK Manufacturing Sector.

Do you need additional capacity for your Metrology or Inspection Department, as NMS offers Measurement Services using Leica Absolute Trackers, and Romer Absolute Arms and Scanners with PolyWorks and Spatial Analyser Software.
NMS also offers in-line measurement systems for capturing quality defects realtime. These pin point errors for feedback to production engineering to rectify and thus maintain lean manufacturing principles. Its offerings include:

• Portable 3D Measurement
• 3D Laser Scanning and Reverse Engineering
• Jig Building and Certification
• Metrology Consultation
• Specialist Metrology
• Application Training

A recent success involved providing “Actionable Information” for in-line car body production welding lines developed by NMS, The Absolute In-line DUO Cell offers a unique solution measuring up to 200 features in 55 seconds on each car body with a precision
typically at 0.060mm on features, but no more than 0.12 mm over the full car volume.

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