Alicona Webinar – 10th December

Optical non-contact methods of surface finish measurement

Alicona announce a new webinar explaining the use of a modern optical measurement process in surface finish measurement in production and R&D departments to improve both quality and consistency of measurement results on all surfaces.

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Traditionally surface finish measurement on engineered components is achieved by contact profilometry based on a moving stylus. This has proven to be satisfactory for the conditions and requirements of the surfaces that were in common use when the method was developed and has continued to supply industry with a general measurement tool.


Traditional methods:

As materials and the understanding of surface structures has improved this method, although offering basic surface measurement capabilities is lacking in a number of areas.


·         Precise location of measurement line position

·         Measurement along a small line on a much larger surface (i.e. the line profile only provides information about the line, not about the surface)

·         Measurement of finish on small features (e.g. small radii) is not possible

·         Measurement of finish in recesses or on complex geometry is either very difficult and time consuming or not possible


The Alicona optical solution:

Alicona offer a modern Optical method which allows greater access to different measurement parameters providing increase in capability and understanding of surfaces and a more robust and repeatable method of measuring.


·         Measurement positions can be accurately aligned on a 3D model of the surface to be measured

·         Form removal algorithms allow finish measurement on all surfaces irrespective of geometric shape and form

·         It is possible to measure surface finish on soft or easily damaged/deformed samples

·         Area based measurement allow measurement of standard Ra parameters plus area based measurements based on the new ISO 21578 standard providing “functional” parameters


Don’t miss out on this free to register webinar for an updated overview of how optical measurement process can assist in surface finish measurement in production and R&D departments.


Brian Kyte