Armstrong Optical Ltd

Armstrong Optical Ltd was founded in 1997 with the remit of introducing the FISBA OPTIK phase shifting interferometry systems to the UK with complementary optical metrology products from TRIOPTICS and interferometry accessories.

The interferometer business of FISBA OPTIK was subsequently purchased by TRIOPTICS who now supply a comprehensive range of optical test equipment for metrology and production and are a key partner for us.

Armstrong Optical now specialise in a number of areas within advanced engineering, including a range of optical metrology solutions and electro-optics sub assemblies.

Our laser metrology instrumentation enables sub nm distance and high accuracy angle measurement for such apparatus as machine-tool beds; non-contact shape/thickness measurement of glass containers on production lines; non-contact vibration analysis – from the macro- right down to the micro-scale as well as bespoke automation of measurement requirements.

Our electro-optics sub assemblies from our partners SwissOptic are used throughout the world.