Central Scanning and Cube Precision – “Delivering the Competitive Edge”

Cube Precision Engineering are taking advantage of the latest 3d printing technologies to help deliver the competitive edge in the press tooling market.

Using new technology from current supplier, Bromsgrove based Central Scanning Ltd, Cube Precision have procured 3D printed parts of potential components they wish to win the business to make tools for.

3D Part1

MD Neil Clifton “We were completely unaware that Central Scanning had the facility to print out custom 3D parts, at the time they were reverse engineering some dies we were refurbishing for a local OEM. We were also a week away from a pivotal meeting with a leading tier 1 automotive supplier, to discuss a sizeable new order. What is often very difficult to convey in such meetings is the complexity of the parts we are being asked to produced – the onset of 3D CAD data has certainly helped these kinds of conversations but understanding the size and intricacy of some parts is still difficult to understand.”

Nick Godfrey continued “3D printing is now becoming more of a mainstream solution for prototype parts and mock-ups but it is the investment in our Stratasys Objet Eden 500V and Fortus 400MC 3D printers which allows us to produce prototype parts in house which allows us to give customers like Cube a precise replica of the   CAD data they are sent by their customers”

Neil continued, “We commissioned the team at Central Scanning to produce both parts that we were due to be discussing at the meeting with our customer a week later. Within 24 hours, we had the component parts in our hands and were able to let the toolmakers, CAD designers and project managers understand the work we  were trying to win. Ultimately this led to a much more productive conversation with the customer, allowing us to justify our recommendations on the number of stages in the tool and also adding validity to the price we had quoted, although more expensive than a European competitor the customer subsequently placed the order with us on the back of our greater understanding of the requirement”

Nick summed up “If our customers are able to compete globally while manufacturing in the UK, it is of benefit for the whole supply chain”

3D Printing and 3D Scanning is revolutionising the supply chain of many industries, from construction to medical. As the technology and capabilities improve at great speed, more and more businesses are saving time and money in winning and delivering projects.

Cube Precision Engineering are based in Rowley Regis and employ 50 staff. For more information visit

Central Scanning are based in Bromsgrove and cover the entirety of the UK. For more information visit