Check Threads Quickly With JBO eMulticheck

 MAGNA Powertrain trusts in eMultiCheck for BMW balancing casings

Starting immediately, one of the world’s largest suppliers to the automotive industry will check the threads of the balancing casings for BMW N20s with the eMultiCheck from JBO.

Instead of manually screwing in, reading off and screwing out, now electronics provide for the automatic testing sequence – with high precision, time savings of up to 80 percent and an enormous reduction in the strain on employees.

Now it all happens at the press of a button.

With the new eMultiCheck thread gauge from Johs. Boss in Albstadt, Germany (JBO), all that’s necessary to run the test is the brief press of a button. The electronics detect the thread and start the test procedure by screwing in the go plug gauge with a defined torque. Another press of a button and the plug gauge is moved out of the workpiece again.

Seven parts are currently tested per shift. Each part has 7 blind holes and 3 through-hole threads. That results in a total of 210 threads for a daily throughput of 21 casings. Overstressing of the wrist joints caused by screwing in manually is now a thing of the past; one of the most important reasons for MAGNA to use the eMultiCheck in production.  Currently, a total of approx. 8 persons work in production and 2 persons in the in-house measuring equipment monitoring department with the top gauge quality from JBO; each component has its “own” eMultiCheck


The eMultiCheck tests the threads automatically and with a constant torque – regardless of the operator. Inaccuracies caused by manual measurement are eliminated. The measured values can be reliably read off on the digital display. On request the measured and test values can be read out via the digital output. MAGNA does not use this option, as in case of deviations from the desired depth

values, the balancing differential casing is immediately returned to production for correction. M6 threads are currently checked, and soon M10 threads will be as well.


During the depth measurement the eMultiCheck moves against the end of the thread and saves the required rotations. During each subsequent measurement, the eMultiCheck briefly reduces the speed before the end of the thread to prevent running up hard in the thread base. This reduces the load on the component and wearing of the plug gauge.



Various test routines can be called up quickly


As a specialist for manufacturing thread machining and testing tools, JBO has conceived a test system with the eMultiCheck which combines outstanding functions with convincing user friendliness. With the adjustment mode, the rotating direction and the torque of the electronic thread gauge are set before the start of the test cycles. A changing system for the plug gauge and the measuring sleeve ensures a broad range of applications.


For example, the thread go plug gauge checks the pairing dimension of the inner thread and the smallest dimension of the effective diameter, the pitch deviation,

the partial edge deviation and the shape deviation. The eMultiCheck also measures the smallest dimension of the outside diameter.


Up to 80 percent time savings

With the JBO gauge the thread test cycle can be reduced by up to 80 percent. When the gauge is not in use, it switches off automatically after 3 minutes. A charger is included and the eMultiCheck is also available with a plug-in power supply as an option. It can be switched on with a simple press of a button in order to start the test routine as described above.






Overview of automated test procedure with eMultiCheck 

Screwing in: Press the black button. The plug gauge starts to turn and can be placed on the thread to be tested.

The eMultiCheck automatically detects the start of the thread and the speed for a rapid test routine, then it reduces

the speed in due time before the end of the thread. 

Reading off: The measuring results appear on the easy-to-read digital display. 

Screwing out: Briefly press the white button. The eMultiCheck automatically stops when the screw-out process is completed.











The eMultiCheck is delivered in a practical case with all required accessories and only available from Stocdon Ltd, UK.



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