Collaborative Robots from Morson Projects

The level of interest in our cobot has been astounding. The general buzz on both existing and new high-profile projects has given us some great opportunities and technologies to look at.

A collaborative robot, also known as a Cobot, is a robot designed to safely work alongside a human coworker in a variety of repetitive tasks. These are different to industrial robots which are robots that usually built and programmed specifically to work on a task isolated task behind strict protective measures.

The Cobot learns like a real co-worker: you guide it through a task, it repeats the task perfectly down to +/-0.05mm, every time. The TM-Flow software allows you to use your tablet, computer or smartphone to drag-and-drop commands into the Cobot’s workflow, with no programming required. The Cobot is programmed for each task by the user or integration partner either through software or manual point to point moving the 6 axes of the cobot into step by step positions.

What is the difference between Collaborative Robots and Industrial Robots?

Collaborative Robots

  • Flexible as it can be programmed to perform multiple tasks
  • Suitable for handling smaller weights (Under 5-14kg)
  • Smaller footprint so less impact on the shop floor
  • User Friendly – Easy to program and to re deploy
  • Protective caging not required
  • Safety sensors will detect unexpected objects and pause work flow
  • Low maintenance due to payload and reduced loads

Industrial Robots

  • Usually installed to perform one specific task
  • Capable of handling large weight (over 20kg)
  • Large footprint – Takes up a vast amount of space
  • More complexed & specialist programming require
  • Protective caging essential so has a greater impact on the shop floor
  • High maintenance due to great dynamics and loads


Morson Projects are delighted to announce that our Cobots page is now live! Head to to find out more about how we are working with Techman and HMK as a Tier 1 Integration Partner and to register your interest in a cobot!