Dragonskin XU chipbreaker breathes fire into turning applications

The ongoing development of WNT’s Dragonskin range of coating technology continues with the arrival of a new range of turning inserts with an innovative chipbreaker geometry. Targeting close contour machining and general turning the -XU chipbreaker is overcoming many problems, especially where excellent swarf control is required.


14-390 WNT-Dragonskin XU Chipbreaker 2 (MR)The Dragonskin coating technology has been designed to enhance wear protection for inserts in combination with the latest high performance substrates and geometries. The result are quantifiable productivity gains of up to 80 per cent providing users with a significant competitive advantage.  They are available in all five ISO material groups with the new -XU chipbreaker inserts being designed to fill the area of non-, low- and high-alloyed steels, that tend to be long chipping materials.


The universal -XU chipbreaker is designed to make finishing cuts through to light roughing cuts in a wide range of applications, but its ability to control swarf in these long chipping materials makes it ideal for use on turning centres, due to the increased process security short chips bring. It is, of course, equally at home on standard lathes.


The -XU chipbreaker design is available on inserts in the CNMG, DNMG, VNMG and WNMG ISO insert styles. It overcomes many issues surrounding swarf control when machining steel, generating very light cutting forces allowing it to be used on low powered machines as well as high performance lathes. In turning centre applications the ability to control the swarf into small manageable forms ensures that the working area can be kept clear and unmanned production is possible. This additional process security also means reduced downtime and tooling costs as inserts are not being damaged by uncontrolled swarf, additionally the smaller chips pose less of a risk to machine operators, who face the danger of being injured by long, stringy swarf.


“The new Dragonskin coatings and insert geometries are the result of the extensive experience and investment in continuous development at WNT. At the heart of everything that we do, though, the focus remains on improving the productivity and commercial success of our customers. By reducing machine cycle times, improving tool life or simply making life easier for our customers with new products such as the -XU chipbreaker inserts we are helping them to be more competitive,” says Tony Pennington, Managing Director, WNT (UK).

The new XU chipbreaker from WNT is available in a variety of insert shapes




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