Dudley Associates Invests In New Machinery

Dudley associates fully functional in-house mouldshop facility has a range of machines from 35 to 300 tonnes. These consist of both Arburg and Engel machinery, the two leading suppliers of Plastic Injection Moulding machines.

By purchasing Arburg and Engel machinery, this gives their customers the assurance that they’re products are being injection moulded using the latest technology and of the highest quality.

They actively conduct regular checks over all of their machines and assess how they are working, look out for any repairs or maintenance that may be required, and ensure that they are running as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

Dudley Associates decided that one of our Engel moulders was nearing the end of its life and so concluded that now was a good time for this to be replaced.

Out with the old, in with the new.

Having created its first injection moulding machine in the fifties, Arburg is one of the most established injection moulding machine manufacturers in the market.





Dudley Associates were already running a 90% Arburg mouldshop, and although the machine we were replacing was an Engel, our research resulted in Arburg coming out on top.

They have had regular contact with Arburg in the UK over the years, with their Sales engineer Roger, who sends us emails to check up on how they are doing and relevant offers. So, it was felt that having this level of communication meant that post-sale, they would have a contact that would handle our enquiries, and any issues we may face would be dealt with promptly.

With this last point in mind, any downtime they may face is imperative to be dealt with efficiently so that we can ensure that our customers orders are manufactured and delivered on time.

With Arburg UK offices being based in Warwick, it was felt they are safe and secure with the knowledge that they are not far away and can be with us on site same day.

And so, Dudley Associates invested in a brand new 50T Gold Edition Arburg.

What does this mean for Dudley Associates?

New machinery means new technology. And new technology means faster speeds, better efficiency and a lesser impact on the environment. This in turns means that Dudley Associates can not only continue to offer the very best service and the highest quality products, but they can do this faster and with ease, whilst continuing their initiatives on improving our impact on the environment and increasing sustainability.