Fenton Precision called upon for health care equipment, developed to reduce DVT’s.

In the last 50 years the proportion of time spent in physical activity versus being sedentary has changed, particularly in developed countries. Prolonged seated immobility with long distance air travel is well-accepted as a risk factor for Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) which can lead (in severe cases) to pulmonary embolism. 1 in 4 deaths globally is Thrombosis related. Very little has ever been accomplished to significantly reduce the threat of DVT’s. At present it costs the NHS in excess of £200,000,000 a year simply to treat the condition.

An ambassador for preventing DVT thrombosis, who himself had a DVT, has developed this piece of kit with the expertise from Fenton Precision, UK market leaders for design, precision tool making and injection moulding services, and long-standing members of the Gauge and Toolmakers Association. (GTMA). Fenton Precision were asked to provide approaches to design, CAD, prototyping, and mould tool production; guide and support the product from concept to launch.

The RBR legflow™ is a small medical device that sits on the floor under foot, incorporating two separate round domes with patented nodules®, each large enough to accommodate the user’s foot. Through 3 simple exercises, the RBR legflow™ improves lower limb blood flow.

Development took five months, and went into productivity in June 2019. The RBR legflow™ is now available to the NHS, care industries and rehabilitation sectors.

Nick Skidmore, Director at Fenton Precision “We are delighted to have played a fundamental part in the development and design of this device, and honoured that we were chosen to supply the knowledge and prototype to take the product to market”