Fenton Precision design and Manufacture Super Shield

The Fenton Super Shield is intended to be worn by HealthCare Professionals to protect the face from liquid splashes and bodily fluids when treating infectious patients. Single use or can it can be cleaned and re-used multiple times thus saving money. Offering a simple 3 piece design comprising of PETG clear face shield, LDPE adjustable head strap and forehead infill to prevent particles/contamination being transmitted downwards/vertically

Visor is 1.5mm thick PETG injection moulded, can be cleaned/sterilised (gamma/ETO/e-beam) or single use.

The LDPE/HDPE can also be Gamma/ETO gas treated.

Visor shield, adjustable head strap and infill are all injection moulded from production high volume tooling.

NHS Aqua, magenta and royal blue have been colour matched to NHS RAL/Pantone colours. Forest Green and Black have also been recently added to our range. Customer logos, branding and corporate colours are also offered, we can match any colours provided.

Prices and weekly capacity:

Fenton will produce 10,000 units per week and phase 2 is 20,000 units per week – UK Manufactured! Prices are £2.75 to £2.35 pending lot sizes ordered, our minimum order quantity is 250pcs:

250pcs: £2.75 each 500pcs: £2.70 each
1000pcs: £2.65 each 2,000pcs: £2.60 each
5,000-10,000pcs: £2.50 each 20,000pcs: £2.35 each


*Prices exclude VAT and carriage. Delivery at cost and is pending quantities ordered.

Products are bagged and boxed in multiples of 25pcs and require assembly

Download full product brochure here