Fexco, will once again sponsor the Manufacturing Solutions Conference in 2020

Fexco, the International Payments and Foreign Exchange services company will once again sponsor the Manufacturing Solutions Conference  in 2020.

Organised by the Limerick Institute of Technology (LIT) & GTMA, The Manufacturing Solutions Conference is a focal point for manufacturing technologies and engineering solutions.

Manufacturing companies have significant currency exposure when importing and exporting materials. Fexco offers a range of FX services including spot and forward contracts and clients benefit from utilising its best in class services when making foreign invoice payments, receiving foreign currency and processing inter-company transfers to overseas subsidiaries .

Speaking ahead of the event in June 2020, Helena O Dwyer, Business Development Manager at Fexco commented;

‘’The shifting dynamics of global trade are challenging businesses in every sector to adapt.    A considerable proportion of manufactured goods are exported making the manufacturing industry particularly vulnerable to contagion from external shocks – both positive and negative.  Fexco aims to minimise economic and market risk for its clients by providing a streamlined payment process in over 130 currencies, safeguarding them against currency fluctuations’’

Anxiety over post Brexit negotiations and the US-China trade war are two issues which are especially worrisome to the manufacturing sector. Keeping costs to a minimum should be a given when paying overseas suppliers or when converting currency received from an international buyer.

Automating the payments process can also be a huge cost saver for manufacturing companies. More and more businesses are benefiting from the value and services provided by fintech companies  like Fexco  who are investing in innovative technology to provide faster and cheaper payments.


Fexco has become our international payments partner since we met at last year’s GTMA event.  As a result of this partnership, we have seen a significant reduction in FX costs and fees compared to previous  providers. Payments are delivered promptly and securely and any queries we have are answered instantly by a dedicated customer support team. Thank you Fexco for an excellent service’.

Karolina Mazurek, Financial Manager, DesignPro Automation

Speaking further, Helena O Dwyer added

“When firms are looking to cut costs and create efficiencies in its operations, the finance function is an obvious but often overlooked area.  With an automated cloud-based payments process, finance has the visibility, flexibility and control over the timing and processing of payments.”

If you are looking to conduct business in the global marketplace Fexco  will help you to avoid the high fees banks charge for currency exchange and cross-border  transfers.

  • Over 130 currencies including exotics
  • Seamless, automated payment solution
  • Bank-beating FX rates and low fees.
  • Faster, safer payments to overseas suppliers.
  • Secure online payments platform that tracks your payments
  • Dedicated FX dealers and customer support.

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