First and Second Year Apprentices doing well At Thomas Keating

First Year Apprentice – Andrew Moseley

Thomas Keating Ltd welcomed Andrew Moseley in September 2020 to begin his toolmaking apprenticeship.

Even with Covid restrictions, TK strongly believes in the continuation of strengthening its personnel skill base for the future. Andrew has already shown great passion and understanding of the skill sets that toolmaking requires.

‘An apprentice’s first year’s training, which uses a training structure that has been in place since 1940 in the manufacture of personal equipment, really does allow that apprentice to appreciate the skills needed when using hand tools through to operating machinery.  With that comes personal pride in seeing what they have achieved,” says Training Supervisor Dave Cox.

Second year apprentice Callum Barrett , who has successfully completed his first year training, has now moved onto being involved with customer work  to further hone his skill set in work planning and machining applications which he gained through the course of his first year training. His machining skill base will now be extended by being trained in the programming and operating of CNC machinary