Free To Attend Topography Measurement & Manufacturing Workshop

Topography Measurement & Manufacturing Workshop to micron tolerances and feature sizes

This workshop is designed to help those using, or planning to use, non-contact optical methods of measurement for inspection of surface finish and features on   components.

Date of event is; 14/03/2017 at MTC Coventry 

We anticipate high interest in the event, so with limited spaces available, would strongly recommend early booking to  attend.


Pre-registration can be made by e-mailing your name, company, address and a contact number to lf would have liked to attend but are unavailable on the date, please advise us so that we can either try to book you into a future event or contact you to discuss the technology  directly.



First part

Manufacturing to Micron Tolerances and Feature Sizes




This section will be presented by Arthur Turner from Rainford Precison who are suppliers of KERN Nano Precison Machning Centres and micro diameter endmills and drills. (

Rainford Precision are specialists in micro engineering and are weil versed in the need and importance of accurate measurement, both of small features and surface finish. As component designs are asking for near perfect dimensions and tolerances to below 5um how do we start to manufacture and then measure what we have made. This   presentation will give guidance and provoke thought on how the goals can be   met.

Rainford Precision were established in 1991 and supply high precision engineering companies in the UK and lreland. Alicona and Rainford Precision have recently reached an agreement on collaboration in areas of precision measurement which will be  beneficial to Rainford  Precision customers.


Second part

Non-Contact Topography & Finish Measurement



This section will be presented by Joe Armstrong from Alicona who are specialists in the area of 3D optical metrology.

The workshop will cover a number of technologies, including Contact Metrology Theory, Optical Measurement Methods and Sources of Error, plus on show the new revolutionary Infinite Focus SL. The event will be supported by experienced metrologists and  equipment to allow attendees to bring samples to see and experience the relative performances and advantages of the Alicona surface measurement   method.

Topics covered will include:

  • Why non-contact topography  can give advantages during surface measurement
  • A brief overview of the different technologies available
  • Theory of Stylus, Laser, Scanning Confocal Gauges, White Light lnterferometry and Infinite Focus
  • Single point, area mapping,  full-field area and ultra-high resolution measurements
  • Sources of measurement error
  • Details of instruments utilising the technologies
  • Application examples and ideas

Supporting the talks will be the following instrument:

  • Alicona Infinite Focus SL