FREE to attend: Introduction to 3D Printing Course

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If you answer yes to at least one of the below questions, we can assure you it’s worth booking your spot on our upcoming FREE Introduction to 3D Printing Course…

  • Are your competitors 3D Printing and you want to know whats involved?
  • Looked in to 3D Printing in the past, but it’s all a bit too much to get your head around?
  • Currently use a 3D Printing Bureau, but want to know if it’s worth bringing one in house?
  • Constantly hear people using 3D Printing, but not sure it’s right for your business?

What’s covered?

This course will give you a better understanding as to what 3D Printing is, and how it could potentially benefit your business. We will dive deeper in to….

  • When is AM better suited to traditional manufacturing
  • Scale of Investment
  • Designing in 3D (covering generative design)
  • Optimising a 3D model for Additive Manufacturing
  • Pro’s and Cons of – FDM, Jetting, Powder Bed, DLP and Stereolithography technologies
  • Post Processing and Finishing
  • Site Preparation & Staffing
  • Recommended next steps


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