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Phrases like Quality, Precision & World Leaders in Technology are synonymous with BRUDERER when it comes to manufacturing high speed presses, but as many of the components that make our cars are produced from complex tooling within the press, BRUDERER UK can also supply the best in tooling components with its association with market leaders in their own fields.

One of these market leaders that BRUDERER UK represent as a sole UK & Ireland agent is FIBRO GmbH, who offer a wide range of tooling components made from the highest quality, ensuring the maximum possible life and performance. With one million gas springs produced per year – they are the largest manufacturer in the world for high pressure Nitrogen gas springs and systems for use in metal forming applications; with an export level of 95 percent makes them a world leader.

Part of the FIBRO portfolio of products are gas springs; these range in capacities up to 10 ton and varying stroke lengths up to 300mm with special applications springs available for compact, Powerline, high temperature & controllable.

The gas springs, filled with commercially available nitrogen gas, generate much higher forces and longer stroke lengths than any equivalent coil spring or elastomer element.

They are particularly effective in applications where high forces and/or compact dimensions are required.

FIBRO gas springs can be used as stand-alone units, connected together with hoses or mounted on an integral manifold system.

To complement the range of gas springs available, FIBRO also supply a wide range of mountings, fittings and associated products, ensuring that they can be implements into your current or new tooling projects.

Safety and reliability are paramount, particularly when it comes to our gas springs, with their unique range of safety features detailed below, FIBRO & KALLER gas springs are the safest on the market. Not only are these gas springs of the highest possible quality, they meet all of the requirements of the PRESSURE EQUIPMENT DIRECTIVE (PED) 97/23/EC and therefore satisfy all current Health & Safety legislation.

Not only does BRUDERER UK supply the full range of FIBRO products, we can also offer training courses and a gas spring refurbishment/recharging service.

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