GOM – The New Atos Core

Fast accurate 3D scans from GOM systems are now an established way of reducing product development times and ensuring highest quality components.

GOM have over 20 years’ experience in optical measurements providing leading companies with high end 3D scanning systems to save measurement time and improve the quality of products.

The New ATOS Core – 

The ATOS Core is the newest member to the ATOS family, and the 3D coordinate measuring system is especially designed for small and medium sized objects.

To introduce this technology to new markets there are three new product lines; Essential Line, Professional Line and Kinematic Line.

The Essential Line systems use the new GOM Scan software for easy, quick scanning processes.

New pricing structures make the ATOS Core available at a significantly lower cost compared to the other ATOS systems, and at one of the lowest complete system prices on the market

When designing the ATOS Core, our engineers rewrote the book and created a completely new type of stereo camera setup. For the first time optics and electronics have been split, enabling us to integrate the latest cutting-edge technology into a device that measures just 20 x 6 x 20 cm. This and many other innovative features make ATOS Core the ideal and affordable solution for 3D measurement of small and medium sized objects where high-quality data and process monitoring are important.

  • Proven Blue Light Technology
    Delivers precise measurements regardless of light conditions
  • Application specific software
    GOM Scan and ATOS Professional – Intelligent software that is application focused

Innovative Triple Scan

  • Requires fewer scans and delivers higher quality data – even on very complex surfaces
  • New camera technology – “engineered by GOM”
    High resolution data and rapid measurements.
  • Compact projection unit
    The sensor is small, light, mobile, and maintains a cool temperature
  • Space-saving design
    Less weight, more mobility, no user configurable parts
  • Enhance with photogrammetry
    Improves accuracy further, extends component size that can be scanned


GOM’s deformation product range is widely used for the measurement of displacement and strain. From simple material evaluation tests through component testing, GOM provides three complementary technologies to allow engineers to validate FEA simulations.

Our ARAMIS system is based on the technique of Digital Image Correlation and provides full field, 3D, non-contact, displacement and strain data – equivalent of 10,000 strain gauges on your component. PONTOS is a 3D, non-contact, point tracking system ideal for replacing traditional wire based sensors. Both systems are capable of running from several Hz to MHz and measuring over areas of mm2 to m2.

In addition ARGUS is a specialist tool for sheet metal forming analysis and the assessment of components against forming limit curves.

ATOS Triple Scan

The ATOS Triple Scan uses a specially developed measuring and projection technology from GOM.

The ATOS Triple Scan produces high accuracy and improved measurement of shiny surface, complete data on complex components with deep pockets or fine edges such as turbine blades, reducing the number of individual scans and resulting in simple handling.



ATOS Compact Scan

The lightweight, compact construction opens new application areas and ensures ultimate adaptability for 3-dimensional measuring of components such as cast and injection moulded parts, forms and models, interiors, prototypes, design models. The advanced hardware is combined with powerful software for reverse engineering and inspection applications

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