GOM UK is bringing Metal Forming Knowledge to the next level

Metal Forming Knowledge Days – November 2020

Throughout 2020, GOM sites across the world have been running Metal Forming Knowledge Day globally, starting with the live event at GOM HQ in Braunschweig and then virtually through online portals.

GOM shows worldwide how precise industrial 3D metrology helps to ensure quality and identify optimisation potentials in metal forming technology. Metal processing companies provide innovative products for a wide range of different applications. Forming processes are just as indispensable in automotive engineering and commercial vehicle construction as they are in the production of white goods or electronics.

This November, GOM UK is hosting our own Metal Forming Knowledge Days, bringing together all our knowledge and expertise in optical metrology in a series of free online events. The days will take place over three dates in November, the 24th, 25th and 26th and will be held via an online portal. The sessions will cover different areas of metrology within the metal forming industry, showing where GOM have identified potential manufacturing problems and developed the tools to solve them. For example, there has been fantastic progression in the speed at which sheet metal parts can be produced, therefore GOM have developed ways of batch-processing these parts in order to keep up. We have helped to optimise tool maintenance, allowing users to spot potentially damaging wear and tear early. We can also offer extensive forming analysis solutions to ensure the panels being manufactured are within the forming limits of the material. We will go into these solutions and much more during the events.

The GOM UK Metal Forming Knowledge Days will offer a virtual platform for engineers as well as specialists from production and quality assurance to ask questions and gain knowledge within metal forming technology and optical metrology.