Groundbreaking analysis technique for ball screws and ball nuts

Taylor Hobson has an in depth understanding of the wide range of applications for ball screw and lead screw actuator functionality; from aircraft control surfaces and landing gear, to precision movement of machine tools.

Key measurements for design and production

Taylor Hobson works with leading manufacturers of actuator screw shafts to develop unique measurement techniques for the industry. This enables us to provide capability for the reliable inspection of production parts as well as providing detailed information needed to improve the designs and production processes.

The Form Talysurf® PGI NOVUS provides measurement along the full thread profile on both sides of a ball screw or ball nut. Using helix angle correction the profile is transformed to represent measurements perpendicular to the thread.

Precise measurement of upper and lower axial profiles

The ball screw is aligned using its shaft or its thread and measured. The precise relationship between the upper and lower thread profiles is established following automated alignment, measurement and helix angle corrections.

Helix angle correction and thread analysis

Helix angle correction uses the axial measurement taken along the gothic thread profile, transforming it so that it represents a measurement taken perpendicular to the thread.

This allows for tolerancing and analysis of the profile against the design drawing and software simulation of the ball bearing fit within the gothic thread.

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