Heidenhain Introduces Small Rotary Encoders With Drive-CLiQ Interface

The range of small, absolute rotary encoders of 35mm diameter in HEIDENHAIN’s 1000 and 1100 series has been expanded to include new versions with DRIVE-CLiQ connectivity.

Marketed alongside existing HEIDENHAIN encoders of similar size that use the EnDat bi-directional and SSI serial interfaces, the DRIVE-CLiQ models have the same, compact mounting dimensions and can be used at temperatures up to 95°C. Single-turn resolution is 23 bits, while a mechanical gear with a resolution of 12 bits is used for multi-turn versions of the encoders.

The ROC/ROQ series feature a 4mm diameter shaft and synchro flange whereas both ECN/EQN series mount via a 6mm bore and stator coupling.

In addition, the ECN/EQN 1100S versions, which are typically used as motor feedback systems, offer mechanical fault exclusion and are suitable for safety-critical applications in accordance with SIL 2 (EN 61508) or Category 3 Performance Level d (EN ISO 13849). They are also able to accommodate temperature monitoring in the motor winding and are optimised for KTY84-130 and PT1000 temperature sensors.

An adjustment and diagnostics package comprising PWM 21 and ATS software allows the condition of an encoder to be tested offline during installation or repair, and online during machine operation. With the ECN/EQN 1100S, it also enables electronic shifting of the datum to align the position of the encoder with the appropriate position of the motor.

All these new encoders have been tested and approved by the Siemens DRIVE-CLiQ Support Centre for use in conjunction with SINAMICS/SIMOTION or SINUMERIK.