Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence has signed a new 10-year license agreement with the UK’s National Measurement Institute to produce gauge block interferometers.

It marks a long-established relationship between the leading measurement solutions provider and the NPL that now spans three decades during which time more than 30 of these special instruments have been sold around the world.















The latest interferometers have been delivered to customers in the Middle East, meaning 22 national metrology laboratories, half of the nation Member states of the Metre Convention, use the NPL-Hexagon equipment to provide the traceability link at the highest level in their countries.

Hexagon was selected by the Institute in the 1980s to undertake the design and manufacture of commercial copies of the NPL instrument as the company offered the right mix of necessary mechanical, electrical and optical skills, explained Gary Brice, Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence’s business manager.

“Initially, it was thought the market for these interferometers might be quite small. However, thanks to their reliability and the development of new versions, the number of sales has been impressive and represent a significant fraction of the worldwide primary metrology systems used to provide the highest tier calibrations of gauge blocks,” he added.