High-end drilling taken to the next level

Dragonskin upgrade takes the performance of WTX Speed and WTX Feed drills

WNT, the flagship brand for high-quality cutting tools from the CERATIZIT Group, has upgraded two of its high-performance tools, the WTX Speed and WTX Feed drills. The result is significantly enhanced performance. Already seen as premium class high-performance drilling tools the upgrades will further enhance productivity and performance.

The WTX Speed range of solid carbide drills is synonymous with extremely high cutting speeds and long service life, now an innovative change to the cutting geometry has significantly improved the performance to maximise productivity. This new, highly robust, cutting edge is combined with the recently developed universal Dragonskin coating DPX14S, featuring an extremely low co-efficient of friction, which guarantees an extended service life: double that of similar competitor products. This combination also means that achievable cutting speeds can doubled, catapulting the WTX Speed to the top of the rankings for high-speed drilling tools. In addition to the optimised cutting edge shape and design, WTX Speed also benefits from a unique, precision-ground, flute profile to generate faster chip removal, a further aid to productivity.

The second development is to the WTX Feed range of solid carbide drills, which are ideal for those companies looking to maximise high feed rates for drilling operations. These three-fluted drills from WNT feature a powerful, self-centring, chisel edge to guarantee extremely accurate positioning, even in difficult drilling applications, with the drill design allowing feed rates of two to three times faster than conventional drills to be achieved. The performance of the WTX Feed has undergone further development with the addition of WNT’s legendary Dragonskin coating DPX74S, which along with an evolution in the geometry has resulted in major improvements to the service life along with an extension to the application range of the WTX Feed drills. Process security is also enhanced by the polished (ultra-smooth) flutes that generate maximum swarf evacuation.

“The development of the WTX Speed and Feed ranges of solid carbide drills is a further example of WNT’s philosophy of continuous improvement to deliver productivity gain benefits to customers. The significant performance gains from tools such as these make a big impact on the profitability of customers, who can rely on not only the high quality of WNT cutting tools, but also the customer service that the combined power of the Ceratizit Group provides” says Tony Pennington, Managing Director, CERATIZIT UK & IRELAND

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