How To Make A Success Of Implementing A Production Control System

There are numerous benefits to running a production control software system in your small/medium manufacturing business. Streamlining the entire production process from quotation to invoice, the system will reduce your business administration times and paperwork burden if implemented and utilised correctly. PSL Datatrack provides a refreshing approach so you can tailor a system to work the way you need it to, giving vital traceability and offering extensive flexible reporting as well as the option of visual displays which help you stay in control of your business. Investing in production control software does not come without risk however, so read on for our thoughts on making a success of implementing a system.

The first and most obvious risk of investing in a production control system is that the wrong provider is selected. The chosen package may end up not meeting the needs of your business at all, as well as losing it time and money. It is crucial that all relevant staff members are involved in the selection process. This means that both customer and supplier are on the same page when it comes to implementing and utilising the system.

Additionally, it may be that staff do not understand how to use the selected system. This can ultimately result in lost production time and company profit. The production control software provider must take the time to understand your business and requirements to ensure that the system is tailored to you. It is PSL Datatrack’s fundamental belief that one size of production control software does not fit all and we work closely with prospective customers to ensure that we understand how the company operates and how to make the most of their investment in our software, including targeted training for all relevant staff.

An alternative possibility is that staff do understand how the system relates to their business but are worried about making mistakes or resistant to switching from an existing system that they are comfortable with, whether this is a dedicated production control system or a manual system involving paperwork and spreadsheets. PSL Datatrack provides onsite, offsite or web-based training to all relevant staff members as part of every new system implementation. Comprehensive product support is provided and we can also help unpick mistakes when they do (occasionally) occur. We understand that implementation must support any changes in working practice.

Another danger is that individual requirements are not met by the implemented system, requiring additional configuration at additional costs in future. Whilst our customers can commission bespoke customisation for their system as and when specific new information requirements are presented, we put in the time and effort at the implementation stage to ensure that the system is tailored to the needs of that customer.

What if systems become out-of-date or development of them stops? Whilst this can happen, we at PSL Datatrack are constantly developing to keep up with current requirements of the industry and will work closely with our customers to meet new requirements in the future. We have been members of the BTMA (British Turned Parts Manufacturers Association) since 2003 and members of the GTMA (Gauge and Tool Makers Association) since 2007, taking ideas from these associations alongside those of our users to make PSL Datatrack the most standard bespoke production control system available.

If you are concerned about transferring from an old, outdated system (e.g. DOS-based), then fear not! PSL Datatrack can import existing useful data to kick-start the implementation of our production control software and have many years’ experience of doing so. The company was founded in 1988 and has been providing software solutions to subcontract precision engineering businesses ever since.

In summary, implementing production control software does come with some risks, as outlined above, but the right provider can address these risks efficiently to ensure implementing a production control package into your business is seamless and successful. Visit to read some of our many positive customer case studies and do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your business requirements!


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