Improve Productivity and Increase Inspection Capacity Without Capital Investment

To help manufacturers improve productivity in challenging times, industrial metrology specialist, The Sempre Group, is offering lease finance and rental options to its clients. The service provides expert guidance, from delivery to calibration, to give a flexible solution to manufacturers and enable them to make the most of innovative measurement equipment without the commitment of a full machine purchase.

According to a Deloitte report, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) were hit the hardest by the current pandemic. This is particularly evident in drastic changes in cash flow, that causes firms to reduce investments in new equipment.  This means that manufacturers are less likely to invest in the equipment that could automate processes on the assembly line and help them to reduce production costs elsewhere.

In response, The Sempre Group is offering rental agreements to provide a wide range of metrology equipment to manufacturers. From multi-sensing CMMs such as the Micro-Vu Vertex to shaft measurement equipment such as the Jenoptik Opticline, manufacturers will be able to make use of top of the line technology without the initial upfront. Their offering also includes three days of training and ongoing support so that manufacturers can use the technology effectively and make productivity improvements straight away.

“For manufacturers who are low on staff or looking to cut costs, automating processes such as part inspection is essential,” explained Mike John, managing director of The Sempre Group. “To many, the cost of purchasing this machinery and the implementation process is the biggest barrier to entry. Giving firms the flexibility to access to the equipment and constant support along the way is important now more than ever.

“For those keen to get started quickly, we also offer ready to go equipment with automated measuring routines and report writing capabilities,” continued Mike John. “We have a history of working closely with clients to ensure they get the best out of their equipment and our rental offers are no different. Manufacturers will be able to access system automation and metrology expertise without capital investment.”

For manufacturers who are not looking to rent or buy equipment but want to improve measurement capabilities, The Sempre Group also offers an in house contract measurement service. This will allow firms to ensure quality for their customers despite low capacity by outsourcing full measurement reports to skilled engineers. To find out more about finance options and what systems are available to rent, visit