Following the expansion by HEIDENHAIN of its 400-series absolute rotary encoder range to include models specifically designed to interface directly with Fanuc controls, Jones & Shipman has started to specify one of the new encoders on its grinding machines. The HEIDENHAIN ROC 425F is being offered as an option on the Suprema and Ultramat cylindrical grinders to provide automatic positioning of the wheelhead instead of manual adjustment.

Microsoft Word - 300415 ROC 425F application story _2_The wheelhead can be installed with up to four grinding wheels and is clamped into position pneumatically. It has an air cushioned lift to allow the operator to position it using the operator controls for the left and right hand wheels. As standard, the Fanuc motor-driven wheelhead has a graduated scale that the operator uses to achieve the required position manually.

The optional ROC 425F on the wheelhead provides positional feedback automatically to the operator control panel. The encoder interfaces to the Fanuc PowerMotion motion controller on the Suprema and Ultramat machines or to the alternative Fanuc 0i-TD CNC available for the latter machine.

To date, Jones & Shipman has installed an ROC 425F encoder on six grinders and the company says that about one-quarter of its customers request this option.

Heidenhain 1014-1All of HEIDENHAIN’s ROC and ROQ absolute rotary encoders, which have an integral bearing and a mounted stator coupling or separate shaft coupling, as well as the ECN and EQN hollow shaft versions, may be supplied with a Fanuc interface. They feature IP67 rating on the housing for dust and fluid resistance and IP64 protection at the shaft inlet.

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