KOMET KUB 100 celebrates 100 years of Komet

Combined expertise delivers drilling performance

The expertise of two global tool specialists KOMET and CERATIZIT has combined in a joint development project to mark the 100th anniversary of KOMET. The result is the KUB 100 indexable insert drill, which delivers top-quality performance when drilling an extremely diverse range of materials.

KOMET has been an established specialist in the area of cutting tools since it was founded in 1918 by Robert Breuning, with its first indexable insert KUB drill being developed in 1977. Similarly, CERATIZIT has pioneered carbide and coating solutions for the past 95 years. Bringing this depth of knowledge together has resulted in the KUB 100, which provides excellent quality, handling, performance and reliability.

The development team has successfully united the innovative ideas of the two brands in a single new, high-performance product. Komet’s many years of experience in designing drill bodies using the Finite Element Method (FEM) enabled the team to design large chip channels without significant detriment to the rigidity or tensile strength. This created space for effective chip removal. CERATIZIT’s innovative indexable insert contour design and chip breaker geometry then ensures effective chip control during drilling in various workpiece materials. These geometric features have significantly improved spot drilling results in particular. This makes the drilling process incredibly efficient when drilling diameters from 14 mm to 27 mm with a diameter to length ratio of 3xD.

The result is a combination of powder metallurgical expertise, state-of-the-art coating technology and innovative tool design creating a milestone in drilling technology. One grade, one indexable insert geometry (interior and exterior) – for all common workpiece materials. This reduces complexity in handling, as well as the cost of keeping items in stock, making the KUB 100 a high-performance all-rounder providing the ultimate in productivity and reliability.

The KUB 100 is the first joint development project between KOMET and CERATIZIT and is a clear indication of the way the team has successfully integrated in a short period of time. It comes as no surprise then that the tool resulting from this project represents state-of-the-art technology in the indexable insert drill sector, featuring excellent performance, handling, process capability and efficiency.