Latest Alicona optical non-contact measurement systems

Latest Alicona optical non-contact measurement systems provide significant advantages over probe and tactile methods.


If you measure surface finish or small features using contact surface profilers to measure surface finish or small features then you are missing all the advantages that Alicona optical metrology systems can offer.


The latest release of products from Alicona offer the most advanced and comprehensive measurement solutions for use in surface metrology. These products offer significant advantages over both probing and tactile techniques and other optical techniques available. In one quick and easy measurement you can measure finish and form without touching the component



Using this method it is possible to measure surface finish and geometry on small features that are not accessible with tactile systems. It is possible to measure finish on “soft” components without surface damage,  it is possible to measure finish on steep angles and possible to measure the geometry of very complex surfaces.


Unlike surface profilers these systems can measure an area rather than a line, this provides improved robustness of the measurement data. In addition the 3D high density data produced can be compared against CAD data for verification of accuracy and also reverse engineering.


This measuring principle can be used on most materials machined by most techniques such as Grinding, turning, milling, drilling, EDM and Laser, it is truly application independent.


New automated advanced real3D also provide the measurement of complex shapes from different angles, this will allow, for the first time, full high resolution 3D reconstruction of complex cylindrical geometries.


Optical measurements provided by InfiniteFocus are produced quickly and intuitively, all surface features and finish are controlled by the intuitive user interface allowing measurement parameters to be set automatically. The instruments are almost maintenance-free, easy to install and do not require a controlled environments to operate, all measurements are traceable to internationally recognized standards and can be used in a production environment or in machine for closed loop manufacturing.


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