Machine Or System? Which Comes First?

It may be that many new small/medium manufacturing businesses think that the only first investment they need to make for their machine shop is just that – a machine. However, many recent new PSL Datatrack customers are making production control software their first business investment, setting the entire production process right, from quotation to invoice, from day one.

It is important for any new business, no matter which industry it may be in, to work as efficiently as possible to reduce overheads and turn over a profit. With the challenges that 2020 has brought with it (namely Covid-19 and Brexit), this is ever more crucial.

The additional administration that can be involved in creating spreadsheets, delivery notes, quotations and invoices manually can be a real burden and is lost time that a company can ill afford – being efficient from the start is essential. For example, Northants Precision Ltd took on a PSL Datatrack system as they were quoting jobs before they could even afford a machine. Director Dan Green comments that it was “like having another member of staff” from the outset.

As a start-up company, business cash flow is extremely important. You can’t afford to waste time or money in making the wrong decision but you also get what you pay for. Engineering is an expensive business and the best equipment is critical. This includes software!

Why choose PSL Datatrack? So you can reap the benefits from day one. It is a proven, high quality, dependable product with a great reputation in the subcontract precision engineering marketplace.

The system allows you to quote jobs quickly and accurately, including quotes for multiple parts or batch sizes. Further investment in PSL Datatrack can then be built up over a period of time because the system is modular. Additional modules integrate seamlessly with existing ones and are intuitive to learn, with expert support on-hand for any user queries.

PSL Datatrack takes great pride in helping its customers to achieve or maintain relevant accreditations. From day one of trading at Northants Precision Ltd, they were working as efficiently as possible whilst seeking ISO 9001 accreditation. This is because PSL Datatrack provides the necessary control and traceability for every order at every step along the way.

The team at our Bracknell, Berkshire based offices are friendly, approachable and ready to discuss your production control software needs. We are able to agree affordable payment plans with all new customers and will always create an implementation, training and go live plan tailored to your requirements. Whilst the coronavirus pandemic has limited some opportunities to visit prospective customers, we are well-equipped to run video or screen sharing sessions to demonstrate PSL Datatrack in action.

We will always take the time to get to know your business and suggest which modules are required at the outset. For start-ups, they will typically be:

  • Administration (Company Details and Cost Centres)
  • Purchasing (Purchase Orders, Goods Received and Material Stocks)
  • Sales Orders (Quotations, Works Orders, Deliveries)
  • Financial (Invoicing and Credit Notes)

The work and administration involved in subcontract precision engineering can be very demanding and PSL Datatrack is always keen to help new companies to establish themselves in the industry. We have over 30 years of experience of supplying solutions to manufacturers and have seen Datatrack work highly effectively for multi-million pound turnover companies with 60+ employees and large client bases. New businesses can therefore be confident that the system will grow with them right into the future, taking care of the administration whilst they focus on the engineering and providing the best possible service to customers.


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