Manufacturing News, January 2019


New data has shown that those who can help businesses capitalise on technological advances – such as digital technologies and automation – are seeing wages rise well above the national average. Engineering salaries are being driven up by the increasing demand for candidates with digital skills to capitalise on emerging technologies, as well as the nationwide shortage of engineering talent more broadly.

That is according to new data from the 2019 Reed Engineering Salary Guides, which analysed more than 10 million jobs posted since 2015.

While the analysis found some roles had witnessed a fall in advertised salaries, those who can help businesses capitalise on technological advances are seeing salaries increase. Those with traditional skillsets such as CNC programming and electronics engineer saw the largest increases, with salaries rising by 3.5% and 2.9% respectively across 2018.

There is also positive news for other roles across the board such as field service engineers (2.4% increase), production managers (2.2% increase) and engineering and technical directors (2.2%). Regionally, workers in Wales saw the largest average increase in advertised salaries, leaping 2.7%. However, London was close behind experiencing a 2.3% leap in salaries. Both these figures are significantly higher than the national average of just 0.1%.