From Manual Finishing to Mass Finishing Mansory Drill Bits

Our latest finishing project helped one of our clients to move from manual finishing to mass finishing mansory drill bits. The mass finishing process developed by our team helped our client to reach the required throughput and to achieve a repeatable and quality finished product.

Our client manufactures tools for the automotive and construction industry. They have recently approached us as they were looking for a better way to finish the mansory drill bits they manufacture. Up till the point of contacting us, they were manual finishing the parts, which meant a high rate of rework and rejection rate, inconsistent results and time and money inefficiency.

The aim
  • To achieve a deburred and polished finish
  • To identify the right consumables so the parts are corrosion protected at the end of the finishing process.
  • To find a solution in order for the client to move from manual finishing to mass finishing mansory drill bits
What we did

As the parts were approximately 1000 mm in length we started the first trial by finishing the parts in ActOn’s Trough Finishing machine. Working in line with the customer’s annual throughput, required us to develop a process that could achieve at least 30 parts per day being processed. The best solution was for us to develop a finishing process that required a single stage.

After a few trials, we have determined that the client can achieve the daily throughput by mass finishing the parts in one of our 14 Cu. Ft. Standard Trough Finishing machine. These machines are designed and manufactured with a single speed motor as a standard feature with adjustable flyweights set to transfer the optimum amount of energy to produce a finish in the most efficient manner.

As the drill bits are manufactured out of Stainless Steel we have identified that these can be deburred and polished in the same time by using porcelain media. We used a mix of media sizes to ensure all corners of the parts are finished. Along with the polishing media we have used a multi-purpose liquid compound which is great for cleaning ferrous metals. This compound contains strong corrosion inhibitor and we recommend it for cleaning and polishing parts.

The result

With the initial trial carried out being successful and the customer satisfied, further batch trials were then undertaken. The purpose of these trials was to ensure that no part on part damage occurs and the process generates a repeatable result. The trials were successful and batch trials revealed that our client can process between 10-15 parts per batch when using our mass finishing solution.

  • We helped our client to move from manual finishing to a more efficient way of finishing the parts
  • The client can now achieve the required daily throughput
  • The mass finishing solution we have developed helps our customer to produce a repeatable and quality finished product.
  • The finished products are deburred, polished and corrosion protected without any impingement occurring during the finishing process