Metrology for Manufacturing from Alicona

Alicona have released the latest edition of their magazine on their range of metrology products with an emphasis on production orientated solutions.

Using the “That’s Metrology!” term this dynamic company has developed high resolution optical 3D measurement which it features in this 7th Edition of the magazine.

The solutions offered to Industry today by Alicona allow users to meet the requirements for smaller quantities, tighter tolerances and higher levels of precision in your production. The magazine welcomes you to the age of Smart Manufacturing, where quality assurance is not only faster and safer but also more precise and flexible.

“Faster” does not only mean a higher measuring speed, but, also the possibility to integrate optical measuring sensors including automatic measuring data processing processing into production via a CADCAM interface.

The magazine features the Alicona “Smart Eye”, a measurement sensor that can be used on a collaborative Robot, in a machining centre or custom mounted into the production line, also, a number of free standing products for use in the measurement room or in R&D.

The link below takes you to an online version of the new magazine and if you would like to get a hard copy please contact and we will arrange to send you a copy.

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