Midas Pattern celebrate 30 years in business


We would like to thank all of our customers, suppliers, colleagues and associates for working with us over the last three decades to help us become the award winning, Precision Polyurethane moulding company that we are today.

The Midas team is dedicated to delivering the highest levels of Quality, Customer Service and Design for Manufacture and with 30 years of experience and advanced manufacturing facilities here in the UK, continue to dominate the low volume Polyurethane market. We provide prototype and production Polyurethane moulding solutions that span a range of industry sectors and year on year, continue to seek out new opportunities.

Our UL 94/VO Flame retardant mouldings, supplied as both prototype and production volumes, all of which are moulded from our unique, low cost, composite mould tools ensure that our customers can fulfil their needs to ship worldwide and enter all markets with the sound knowledge that their materials conform to international quality requirements. With comprehensive paint facilities in-house our turnkey supply of painting, screen printing and product assembly provides a completed ‘in house’ solution here in the UK; one that can be audited and viewed at any time. A reassuring prospect when investing in a high value project that has the rigors of Medical Device regulations for example!

The changing economic landscape continues to make business ever more challenging but in the face of adversity, Midas will continue to rise to the challenge, focusing on excellent customer service, quality parts and providing a stable platform for new and existing customers to continue to invest in new product development using our RIM moulding technology.

Not one to shy away from investment, a birthday celebration would not be the same without a present or two so watch our news feeds as we release updates on our latest investment over the coming weeks… 

As 2019 unfolds, we will continue to support all our existing customers by producing the absolute best quality parts we can manufacture whilst looking to seek out new customers and introduce them to the world of Midas manufacturing.  We will also no doubt reflect back on the changes that have evolved over 30 years in business, so if you like retro, keep posted.

If you have a new product or innovation that would benefit from a high quality plastic housing and your volumes are low – in the region of 1 off, 10 off or up to 2000 per year then maybe the Midas can team can help – with 30 years’ experience and the best reputation within our industry, you will not be disappointed. Call now on 01234 358394 or email now for a chat or to organise a meeting.