Modular multipoint locking system allows bespoke security levels from WDS

The need for physical security is increasing in many fields, including enclosures in public places where theft or vandalism could be an issue, or where unauthorised access could represent a major safety hazard or lead to significant downtime. Examples might include everything from enclosures protecting high value assets to panels housing public infrastructure controls.

The problem in many of these enclosures and panels is that, with a central, single-point lock, it can be all too easy to force a door open at the corners or to deform the door enough to gain access. Once thieves and vandals have an inkling that they might be able to defeat the lock, chances are they will go at it until the door is open.

An alternative for increased security is the multi-point lock. In addition to the central lock, additional bolts are connected via cam mechanisms, such that a single key action can actuate multiple points of locking. In an enclosure, a three-point lock could secure a panel door at the central point as well as at the top and bottom corners, making it much more difficult for an ill-intentioned party to force the door. But at the same time, the authorised user still only needs a single key and a single key action to gain access to the panel or enclosure and to secure it after use.

In response to the need for multi-point locking, WDS Component Parts Ltd. has added modular multi point locking systems to its portfolio of products. The simple modular design allows the user to easily customise a locking system for an enclosure to suit individual applications. Working with a standard 50mm x 25mm mounting hole, the WDS system offers all the parts needed to implement a one-, two-, or three-point locking system.

The WDS locking system is based on a range of user selectable parts that can be assembled into a bespoke lock that is well matched to each individual application. The range includes locks with T handles and L handles, wing knob cylinder locks, two-point and multi-point gear box lever locks and escutcheons with double bit locks. Accessories include adapter plates, cams and cam plates, locking rods, rod holders, guides and supports, standard gasket edges and bubble gasket edges.

On its website WDS has a design tree available to download free: an easy to follow schematic that aids design of multi point locking systems including selection of all the components required using a simple three step process.

As with all WDS products the locking systems are high quality, so offer superior performance and excellent value for money. WDS has many on line design tools and other aids including downloadable CAD models available on its website. Ordering on line can be done on a 24/7 basis and dispatch is always prompt. WDS products are manufactured to internationally recognised and accredited quality standards that are regularly and independently audited.

Image Captions:

Image 1: WDS has added modular multi point locking systems to its portfolio of products.

Image 2: WDS’s new range of multi point locking system is available in various different styles.

Image 3: Additional bolts are connected to the central lock via cam mechanisms, such that a single key action can actuate multiple points of locking.

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