New cam action plungers from WDS can rise to heavy duty challenges

WDS Component Parts Ltd., the UK’s foremost manufacturer and supplier of engineering components for automation and machine building projects, has extended its range of spring plungers with the introduction of a new series of cam action versions.

WDS already offers a number of index plungers and index bolts, with many types and sizes being available from stock. This product range includes index plungers and bushes, plus spring loaded index bolts.

Indexing plungers are commonly used in applications where there is a predefined stop location; which can easily and accurately be identified and secured simply using an index action plunger. Spring loaded plungers effectively make this process automatic.

The WDS range is available in a number of sizes: end diameter 6mm to 12 mm; outer diameter M16 x 1.5mm or M20 x 1.5mm; bolt length 46mm or 57 mm; protrusion length 10mm or 12mm, and a handle length of 42mm or 52mm. The weight of the units varies with size from 114g to 188g.

The cam action is generated by a collar with an angled free end. In use the handle is turned through 180deg, causing it to ride along the angled collar, moving the plunger which is attached at right angles to the handle laterally to project or retract it from the barrel of the unit.

Phil Holyome, Business Development and Special Projects Engineer with WDS says they fulfil a specialist role compared to other plungers. “Like all plungers, their basic function is to locate and lock moving parts in set positions. However, the new cam action plungers are for use in situations where machine or equipment operators want to be sure that they have been successfully deployed or retracted. The fact that they have to be manually operated gives this assurance. “As a rule, cam action plungers have larger bolt diameters than simple sprung plungers and are intended for heavier duty applications.”

The new cam action plungers, like all the components from WDS are available with next day delivery possible for most of the UK and no minimum order quantity or value required.

Components from the WDS range can be ordered either online at the WDS web store, over the phone or via the Leeds based trade counter at its corporate headquarters.

For specification, WDS also offer free 2D drawings and 3D CAD models for download on the website, allowing easy decision making for specifiers.

You can view the full range of WDS plungers and related products on its website or alternatively, call 0845 606 6677 to talk to a WDS expert.