New cutting-edge measurement system From Alicona offers automated quality assurance

Automation and production-integrated measurement technology play an increasingly important role in manufacturing. Alicona, supplier of high-resolution optical 3D surface measurement systems, is reacting to this development with their new cutting-edge measurement system EdgeMasterX. With this instrument, users can customize quality assurance in production exactly according to their individual measurement demands and achieve even greater automation. Typical applications of this system include the measuring of inserts, drillers, cutters, and other tap tools. The EdgeMasterX is the result of Alicona’s consistent improvement of the EdgeMaster, a globally used system for the quality assurance of cutting tools.

Alicona - EdgeMasterX for automatic cutting edge measurement

The most remarkable feature of the new EdgeMasterX is the automatic multiple measurement of edges. Users can now measure various edge parameters at different positions on a tool to verify the desired edge preparation. It is also possible to measure one or more user defined edge parameters of several tools of an entire batch. Additionally, a motorized rotation unit now allows users to measure multiple, also chamfered edges of a tool in a single measurement cycle. All of the EdgeMasterX’s measurement capabilities designed to automate quality assurance are based on a one-button solution. This means that once a measurement has been started, no further user interaction is necessary. Traffic-light color codes immediately indicate to the user any geometric deviations from a CAD dataset or reference geometry.

Like its sister model, the EdgeMasterX is designed for use in a production environment. As such, it offers solid high-resolution measurements even when subjected to vibrations, fluctuations in temperature, and extraneous light. Users also profit from traceable and highly repeatable results. The EdgeMasterX measures all the classical edge parameters such as radius, various angles, bevel length, chipping, and tool wear. It automatically detects form deviations and visualizes them using a special color coding. The EdgeMasterX also allows users to apply ellipse fits to a high-resolution edge profile, increasing the number of radius parameters to two. This makes it possible to measure the “true” edge shape. Alicona’s solution therefore clearly differs from that of other suppliers whose edge-preparation measurement systems use only one radius parameter. Additional measurement capabilities such as profile- and areal-based roughness measurement complete the EdgeMasterX’s range of production-integrated edge measurement functions.

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