New re-engineered drill range increases tool life by a whopping 140 percent!

Featuring a new re-engineered design, Seco’s range of Perfomax indexable insert drills deliver exceptional drilling performance and longer tool life as well as improved chip control and evacuation. The ranges’ innovative features include a new flute design with special anti-friction surfaces and laser hardened fronts that provide added strength, stability and accuracy.

The drills’ flutes have larger helixes and centre chip areas along with smoother chip flute exits. A revolutionary engineered wave pattern helps minimise contact between chips and flute surfaces.
Perfomax drills generate shorter chips that can be evacuated quickly and thereby reduce the risk of chip jamming’ which, if left unchecked, can damage the workpiece and have a negative impact on process security.
The new Perfomax design, which includes laser hardened (HRC 60) flute fronts that withstand the effects of chip erosion, is said to increase drill body tool life by up to 140 percent! The new design also features a larger radius at the bottom of the drills’ insert pockets for extra rigidity.

Seco’s range of Performax indexable insert drills deliver exceptional drilling performance and longer tool life

DS2050 and DS4050 insert grades recommended for use with the new Perfomax drills are specifically suited for drilling heat resistant materials like titanium and titanium alloys. These grades, with their recently-developed free-cutting MP and MC geometries, help increase productivity and extend tool life.
Perfomax drill bodies are available in a range of diameters – from 15mm to 59mm, and in length to diameter ratios of 2 x D; 3 x D; 4 x D and 5 x D. They are also compatible with most spindle interfaces.

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