NMS Provide Actionable Information for inline car body production



NMS (Noncontact Measuring Systems) International are providing “Actionable Information” for inline car body production welding lines, developed by NMS, their Absolute Inline DUO Cell offers a unique solution measuring up to 200 features in 55 seconds on each car body with a precision typically at 0.050mm on features but no more than 0.12 mm over the full car volume which is unprecedented for shop floor environmental conditions.

The NMS Industrial Robot based measuring system uses Leica T-Scan High Speed Scanners that are tracked real-time by precise Leica Absolute Trackers which have become a proven benchmark for large volume measurement. The system accuracy is totally independent of the Robot Precision, or any other calibration artifacts due to the Absolute Tracker’s inbuilt Laser Interferometry and High Precision Angle Encoders.

The robotic cell measurement process and the automatic evaluation of results are controlled by ProcMan software developed by NMS, which is adapted to exactly fit individual customer inspection requirements. ProcMan, manages the whole measuring process, linking all devices, PLC, Robots, and Polyworks Inspector Software. Scan Client which manages the T-Scan and Robot, and Statclient exports the SPC Analysis.

The NMS Robot inspection systems provides 100% correlated part inspection, directly in-line, with full RPS alignment, automatic RPS positioning and measurements negating the need for timely offline Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) correlation.

Measured parts characteristics include surfaces, hole position and diameter, threaded hole position, boundary edges including full GD & T all of which are processed on the fly using PolyWorks Inspector Software.

Another valuable characteristic of this technology is the ease of reconfigurability, due to the flexibility of robot programming, therefore difference variants of vehicles are easily put through the Inline Cell as each variant calls up a different measurement program, and in addition to this, when the production line is in its slow build phase, the amount of data collected can be increased to allow for more data to be sent to the body construction engineers enabling them to control the quality of the build process.

NMS offer a full turnkey solution for large component inline or offline measurements linking many devices and technologies together to provide an invaluable asset to help speed up the slow build process, and keep production processes in control as deviations and trends can be monitored and quickly rectified therefore enabling true six sigma capabilities.