NPL MMN Event – The Future of Transportation

Lightweighting & Composites

Since battery and electric motor drive systems are less power-dense than internal combustion engine / conventional aero engines, the bodies of cars, trucks, aircraft and rail vehicles need to be made more lightweight. A considerable amount of funding is going into research in composites to achieve lower weight. Hear from leading scientists who are exploring how to speed up the uptake of the key technologies.



Electric & Hybrid Propulsion

The world is moving away from hydrocarbon fuels and moving towards electric & hybrid propulsion in road, air & rail transport. Understanding how these new technologies may impact your business and getting an understanding of where the technology is likely to go from subject specialists could help you make better decisions about the future product mix of your business.

Autonomous Vehicles

CAV, or Connected and Autonomous Vehicles, is the scientific name for driverless cars. Hear from a specialist about how CAV will become a reality, and the threats & opportunities it is likely to present.


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