Online system for ordering press die handling equipment from Roemheld

Roemheld’s modular systems for facilitating the repositioning or exchange of a die in a power press using mechanically or hydraulically actuated roller or ball bars may now be ordered more quickly and efficiently.

A new, online configurator on the company’s website at simplifies the process and ensures short delivery times. It is optimised for use on smartphones and tablets and an app is being developed for Android and Apple devices.

Maximum carrying capacity is 160kN/m for the hydraulically-lifted roller bar range, which allows linear movement only. Pistons fitted to the underside raise individual rollers or the entire element by 2mm, depending on the model, and lower it after successful die positioning. Especially high carrying capacities are provided when the entire bar is lifted.

If a lighter load is being moved, economical mechanical bars with spring preload are available with the rollers or balls slightly protruding. They are pressed into the bars and are then flush with the bed when the die is clamped. Ball elements enable the displacement of loads in any direction. Maximum capacity is 66kN/m for roller-type bars.

Standard bars are suitable for installation in T-shaped and rectangular slots in the bed and are available in a variety of lengths, widths, slot depths and centre distances between the rollers or balls. The casing is made of either aluminium or steel, maximum operating temperature being 250°C. In addition, bars for other types of slot or with different strokes can be ordered as special designs.

If there are no slots in a press bed, spring-loaded roller or ball inserts may be used. They are individually placed into drilled holes and provide carrying capacities of up to 2.4kN per module with a stroke of up to 3mm.