People Make A Production Control System

Utilised correctly, a designated purpose-designed production control software system will enhance and streamline the entire production process from quotation to invoice. However, solutions do not come in cardboard boxes and so the staff members responsible for running the system are crucial to its success.

In order to maximise a system’s capabilities, staff members must firstly understand their own job role and how it ties in with the day-to-day running of the business, as well as overall recognition of what exactly it is that the business does. There is no point implementing a production control system if staff do not comprehend why they are being asked to use it or see how it helps them carry out their individual responsibilities. However clever the software, it must be understood before it can be helpful.

Management should ideally train new staff members or organise provider-led training sessions in order to manage staff expectations. PSL Datatrack currently offers online training sessions, with a view to returning to onsite and/or offsite training post-coronavirus depending on the preference of the customer. Commitment to training is essential as staff will be the ones putting the investment into practice and to ultimately help the whole business reap the rewards of using the software.

It is also crucial to define key roles, no matter the size of the business. It is unrealistic to expect any employee to understand every single section of the business operation. Key roles allow each person or department to run smoothly and ensure that knowledge is shared. If any area of the company is too reliant on one person and they are on annual leave or off sick, business delays could occur. Help is on hand from PSL Support if this happens – you are never alone.

PSL Datatrack helps by allowing management to define what users can and cannot do/see in the system through its User Maintenance module. Every user has their unique profile so the relevant access and permissions can be granted. System ‘super users’ can be designated and access to the User Maintenance module itself is secured to the point where it requires an additional logon to prevent unauthorised access from a terminal that may have been left logged in.

A well trained team will enter and reuse accurate data ensuring excellent management information is available. With PSL Datatrack this can be displayed in the form of standard or custom reports or even Status Boards and Charts. A dashboard option also presents 57 Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for quick reference to users with relevant permissions. Find out more about PSL Datatrack production control software by visiting today.


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