Precise and to the point coolant delivery with WNT’s DirectCooling DC-SX grooving system

The process of grooving and parting difficult materials exposes the edges of the parting blades to high mechanical and thermal strain, therefore effective cooling is absolutely necessary. By developing its already proven and universally applicable SX grooving tools with dual internal cooling channels, WNT with its Direct Cooling (DC) system has overcome the issue, ensuring optimal working temperatures as well as ideal chip removal and unprecedented process reliability.

The grooving tool has two cooling channels, one above and one below the grooving insert, to provide optimal cooling at the cutting edge

16-464-WNT-DC-SX system blade (MR)


WNT’s single-edged SX grooving system is well-suited for grooving, parting and for copy turning operations for steels and always ensures good chip control. Now, with the addition of internal coolant channels in the blade, the system offers an enhanced cooling solution. The two cooling channels, one above and one below the grooving insert, provide optimal cooling at the cutting edge, enabling significantly higher cutting speeds. Additionally, as the coolant jet hits directly where the chips are formed, ideal chip evacuation can also be achieved. The system is effective, even in deep grooves with the chips easily evacuated by the coolant, avoiding potential damage to the insert. The internal coolant also improves results by reducing the crater wear and build-up at the cutting edge.


The DC-SX grooving system from WNT has clear advantages, when compared directly with competitor systems with internal cooling as its design creates a continuous high flow rate even at low operating pressures, with flow rates of 3.84 litres/min achieved at a pressure of 10 bar, compared to 2.76 litres/min from competitor systems. This significantly higher flow rate from the WNT DC-SX system ensures a constant ideal working temperature, extended tool life and increased process security. WNT also dedicated design resources to the sealing screw for the DC-SX grooving system. This screw seals the transfer hole on the outside of the blade and is manufactured from steel with a Torx head making it easier to change and preventing breakage and thread stripping. The assembly is now also simplified, with the copper ring being glued to the screw, eliminating multiple small parts as found in other systems.


Toolholders are available for the DC-SX parting blades with a special transfer point ensuring coolant delivery for the full adjustable range of the parting blade. In addition WNT has extended the existing VDI parting blade holder program for disc turrets and also introduced VDI blades for star turrets, to offer the possibility of internal coolant supply. Block parting blade holders are also available upon request for the DC-SX grooving system. The holders are also compatible with all parting blades that do not have internal coolant supply.


“The DC-SX grooving system from WNT continues our tradition of innovation and further extends our standard catalogue range that includes over 45,000 articles. The benefits of DC-SX mean that it is a must for companies that have a requirement for grooving and parting off as the DirectCooling system can be used on almost every lathe,” says Tony Pennington, Managing Director, WNT (UK)


The WNT DC-SX system can be seen in operation by following this link to WNT’s You Tube channel:   As with the full range of WNT products the DC-SX system can be ordered either by phone (freephone 0800 073 2073) or via the WNT online shop And, as always, if the article is ordered by 6:30 pm it will arrive the next day.


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