Record, evaluate, and visualize machine data with the StateMonitor software

How can I increase my manufacturing productivity? Is investing in a new machine tool worthwhile? How can I maintain an overview when operating multiple machines? These questions arise frequently, and aren’t always easy to answer. HEIDENHAIN offers StateMonitor in order to make your operational processes more transparent and optimize your workflows.

The software provides a real-time view of the machines’ production status. You maintain an overview at all times and can react quickly in case of faults. Anyone who can avoid unnecessary interruptions and bottlenecks increases the productivity of his machines. The comprehensive notification and evaluation functions of StateMonitor are the basis for uncovering hidden potentials and increasing efficiency.

You can also access your operating data from a smartphone or tablet, so it does not matter whether you are in a meeting, working in your office, or even outside of your company network. So you always have an overview of your machinery’s productivity.

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