Filtration System Companies

GTMA’s Supplier Directory provides a selection of companies providing services that span a wide range of industries and sectors, these can be found within the Miscellaneous section of the Supplier Directory.

As is listed below, GTMA’s Supplier Directory includes companies providing services such as; Business Planning, Funding, Insurance, Event Organising, Sales & Marketing which can play a vital part in the day-to-day of business running. GTMA’s Supplier Directory brings companies that can provide these services within the engineering supply chain.

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Aeration & Mixing Ltd is a British Company based in Sheffield, South Yorkshire supplying microbubble generation equipment and hydrocyclones across the EU, Middle East and elsewhere. Established in 2012, to develop the sales Nikuni Co. products, A&M has developed significant advances in microbubble technologies and particle separation equipment. Nikuni Co. is a longestablished Japanese Company […]

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Cleaner, safer, more productive workshops Established in Shropshire in 1969, Filtermist’s ethos is to protect people by ensuring cleaner, safer, more productive workshops. The company, part of the Swedish Absolent Group, designs, manufactures and installs industrial air extraction and filtration solutions, including the provision of maintenance contracts and LEV services. Filtermist also distributes a range of […]