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(Formally trading as BMG Technologies)

KNOLL is the leading provider of conveyor systems, filter systems and pumps for metalworking. These transport and separate chips and cooling lubricants. The comprehensive product range offers systems for decentralized or centralized applications. From a partner like KNOLL, customers can expect a company that follows them wherever they operate. You’ll find us all around the world, wherever you need us. 


Since the company was founded, Knoll have been developing and producing high quality, reliable pumps to meet its own internal requirements along with those of its customers, spanning many industries.

Investing in the reliability of a Knoll pump, with a long service life, leads to cost savings by ensuring a consistent flow rate and pressure, critical in maintaining product quality process efficiency.  Pairing with one of our variable pressure control valves provides additional environmental and energy savings.

KNOLL also produces pumps which are suitable for high-viscosity, contaminated or non-lubricating media.

As well as their reliability, long service life and ease of servicing, most Knoll pumps are available from stock.


A good filtration system is essential to maintaining the quality of your products as well as maintaining the service life of your machines.

Knoll filtration units are designed to effectively remove contaminants such as particles, dirt and metal shavings from fluids such as oil, emulsion and hydraulic fluids.  Maintaining clean fluids prevents damage, reduces wear and tear on machinery therefore minimizing down time.  This also offers environmental benefits by reducing the disposal of contaminated fluids.

Knoll offer a range of filtration units and conveyors to suit many applications and industries


KNOLL high pressure systems for machine tools such as machining centres and turning machines,  particularly automatic lathes, are used to clean the cooling lubricant and to provide the correct supply-pipe pressure. The Lubicool unit is available in 3 sizes from the small mobile unit to the larger, but still compact Lubicool L.



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