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The GTMA supplier directory contains the profiles of companies dedicated to supplying countless industries with the very best services from the manufacturing and engineering sectors. From aerospace and medical, to chemical, defence, and everything in between, the GTMA supplier directory will connect you to the company best suited to your needs.

Pressed Components

GTMA’s Supplier Directory provides companies that offer Shims as Pressed Components.

Shims take a variety of form’s as a thin strip of material which is used to align parts, make them fit together, and/ or reduce wear (commonly known as a washer).

Shims (washers) have various applications include being used within brakes, clutches, compressors, gear boxes, pumps, valves and many more. The use of Shims is vital in many functions to ensure that parts work together/ do not breakdown as a result of usage within the product they feature. Shims are most commonly used industries such as Aerospace, Automotive and Construction.

Shim manufacture requires highly skilled jig and tool engineers that can be found within GTMA’s Supplier Directory below:

Companies within GTMA’s Supplier Directory, in particular, Boneham and Turner Limited provide rectangular, circular or special shaped shims - available in steel, brass, stainless, copper and laminated. Ranging from a thickness of 0.001” (0.025mm) to 0.125” (3.125mm) which is usually dependent on material used.

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