The Roemheld M-TECS 130 magnetic clamping system has outstanding power concentration that makes it stronger than any comparable magnetic plates. Stable up to 130 °C, the system has been designed specifically for the temperature range used within the thermoplastics processing industry.

The secret of the power concentration of the M-TECS 130 magnetic clamping system lies in its long pole design, which is based on a double-magnet technique.  The magnetic poles enable the system to build up a clamping force of between 5 and 12kg/cm2.

M-TECS magnetic clamping enables injection moulds to be changed quickly and easily, without the need for retooling.  The even distribution of the clamping force over the clamping surface ensures tool wear is considerably reduced, which lowers tool maintenance costs.  As there are no moving parts, the system is also virtually maintenance free.  Applications range from the processing of large workpieces to small batch runs.  The M-TECS system is ideal for retrofitting into existing production environments.

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Both show Engel Machine with M-TECS 130 system fitted



R4615 magnetic clamping2