RUD Chains Latest Innovations at LiftEx 2013 Stand 70

RUD Chains Ltd is a leading manufacturer of high-quality chain components and systems, is ISO 9001 certified and retain an impressive product portfolio delivering high performance chain products to suit the most demanding applications.

RUD look forward to presenting a range of their latest products and innovations at the show.

WBPG 85-200 Tonne Hoist Ring

One of RUD’S latest innovations and most popular new products is the WBPG: the next generation hoist ring for heavy duty lifting. It can be supplied from 85-200 tonnes making it a great product for a wide variety of working environments from heavy engineering, offshore, ship yards to the construction industry to name a few.

The WBPG is loadable from any side in the direction of the pivot meaning it is suitable for lifting and turning of heavy loads. It offers threaded holes for the Starpoint VRS for easy vertical assembly. The WBPG is ideal for heavy duty lifting between 85-200 tonnes.

VLBS-U-LT 2,5t welded load ring – 45°C

The VLBS-U-LT 2,5t welded load ring, offers a major distinctive feature operating to temperatures as low as – 45°C perfect for many offshore, arctic offshore and specialised construction projects.

Lifting & Lashing Points

An area of focus for RUD at the show will be displaying their range of lifting and lashing applications, offering over 270 different tested and certified lifting/lashing points, 210 of which are for bolting and 60 for welding, used across a wide range of working environments.

Radio Frequency Identification Technology

RUD Chains now supply their lifting products with RFID chips embedded into their products. The RFID technology has been specifically desiged to track and identify applications quickly and effortlessly, making inspections and documentation of products a quick and easy process. Anyone in

the industry knows the importance of regular product inspecations, with RUD RFID technology inspections will never be missed. Inspection reminders can be set via the RUD-ID-NET® application on your PC so you never run the risk of operating out of date products.

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