Say goodbye to vibrations and hello to optimised surfaces and longer tool life

As a direct interface between tool and machine, toolholders and adapters have a huge influence on the machining result and efficiency of the entire process. Hydraulic chucks play a vital role when it comes to vibration damping and improved surface quality and repeatability. Maximising this role for turning and milling centres, CERATIZIT Group’s Team Cutting Tools has launched new variants of its hydraulic chuck range with VDI and cylindrical shank connections as part of the WNT Performance range of tooling.

While repeatedly machining to low tolerances and achieving optimal surface finish are high on any machinist’s priority list, if tool wear, set-up times and downtime are neglected then efficiency will suffer. CERATIZIT’s new hydraulic chuck with VDI and cylindrical shank interface enables all of these elements can be achieved to deliver efficiency advantages.

This latest addition to CERATIZIT’s portfolio provides the ideal solution when boring bars need to be precision clamped with a shank tolerance of h7. The new hydraulic chucks with VDI and cylindrical shank connections can achieve this with a repeatability of 3 µm. The key benefit, though, is that in applications such as thread turning, fine boring or, with long tool overhangs the precise tensioning and damping properties of the CERATIZIT hydraulic technology can reduce surface roughness by up to 70 percent, when compared to standard systems. Another feature of the CERATIZIT hydraulic chucks is the radial adjustment screw, which can be used to position the boring bar to µm accuracy on diameter. Similarly, the length adjustment screw can also be removed so that the boring bar can be pushed through, for efficient machining of various lengths of turning tools.

The hydraulic chucks are available with a VDI interface for direct mounting in the turret of a turning centre complete with through tool coolant capability. Available as 30 and 40 VDI as standard with a 20 mm bore, along with a cylindrical shank version available in 16 and 20 mm bore diameters for the 32 mm diameter shank as well as 16, 20 and 25 mm for the 40 mm diameter shank variant.

In addition to the accuracy of hydraulic chucks, another significant advantage is the speed at which tools can be changed without having to make tedious fine adjustments. “Without any peripheral devices whatsoever, just a hex wrench, tools in turning and milling centres can be changed in a matter of seconds. The hydraulic adapter clamps the tool shaft to µm precision and the process can continue right away,” says Christoph Retter, Product Manager at Team Cutting Tools. “It is always fascinating to see what a huge influence the clamping device has on the machining result. In our comparisons between standard holders and the new hydraulic chuck, we were immediately struck by the outstanding chip evacuation. But we were most impressed by the surface finishes achieved, which were simply sensational thanks to the almost complete absence of vibrations. Another side benefit worth highlighting is that the entire process was almost completely silent.”