School students "inspired" by Engineering Experience

Six students were “inspired” by a week-long tour of industry leading engineering organisations, arranged in partnership between Renishaw and Young Engineers.

The lucky six winners of the unique national Renishaw Engineering Experience competition were given behind-the-scenes tours of eight big name engineering organisations, including BAE Systems, Airbus and Jaguar Land Rover, culminating with a tour and measurement challenge at Renishaw’s New Mills headquarters in Gloucestershire.

Throughout the week Renishaw graduates accompanied the winners on their visits, offering insights into a variety of engineering roles and answering questions the students had about their prospective career paths.

The Renishaw Engineering Experience is an annual competition for 16 to 18 year-old students funded by Renishaw, the UK-based engineering technologies company, and co-ordinated by Young Engineers, the organisation devoted to promoting careers in the engineering sector to young people. Rod Edwards, Chief Executive of Young Engineers, said, “It’s been a great week. We’ve had a fantastic time. They’ve had a marvellous experience of everything from aerospace to automotive and different types of engineering. They’ve seen nanotechnology and massive bits of civil engineering, and had a lot of fun. It’s been very inspiring for them.”

One of the winners, Efe Otobrise, said she “didn’t know engineers’ jobs were as fun as they are.” The seventeen year old from Manchester, went on to say, “I’ve enjoyed it a lot, I wasn’t expecting to see all the stuff that we saw. I know now that I definitely want to be an engineer.”

You can find out what all the winners thought of their experience by watching this short video: