Seco Events Highlight The Power Of Collaboration In Aviation

Inspiration through Innovation 2021 will illustrate the value of collaboration in aerospace manufacturing, with the events taking place in Europe on November 23 and 24 and in the United States on December 1.

Presented together with technical partners, the events will focus on the complex issues and trends facing the industry, showcasing collaborative solutions with real-life demonstrations of machined components that address some of the biggest modern-day challenges. “We host Inspiration through Innovation events to celebrate and showcase the progress that is made for our customers when we collaborate with our partners.

Anyone can innovate, but what we can achieve by working together offers outstanding value when manufacturing aerospace components,” says Andreas Fritz, Vice President Marketing & Sales at Seco.

Aerospace manufacturers are consistently looking for new, lightweight materials to optimize their processes. This often involves overcoming other production challenges. The increased focus on environmental issues is pushing the industry towards more efficient designs, while 3D printed parts demand new workflows and processes.

The events draw on the global network of Seco experts, bringing together in-house expertise and external knowledge to explore the possibilities. At Aero ITI 2021, attendees will have a chance to see the results of such innovative partnerships and to discuss how collaboration can help them to find solutions that will drive their business forward.

This collaborative approach will be used to solve common issues found in manufacturing aircraft components, such as the challenges in the machining of various materials like titanium, superalloys, and aluminum from billets, forgings, and near-net additive manufactured parts.
Previous Inspiration through Innovation events held online due to the COVID-19 pandemic saw more than 5,000 people take part, highlighting and demonstrating the power of partnership in the industry.

The events will be hosted from the United Kingdom, France and Germany on November 23 and 24. There will also be locally hosted virtual sessions for registrants in Iberica and Asia-Pacific, where attendees can discuss the topics with Seco experts in their local regions.
These will be followed by an event hosted from the United States taking place on December 1.

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